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The concept of S.D.S. LIMITED was born in October 2004.

This was as a result of the free market forces that gave a direction for partnership between the Public and Private Sectors.

Having come from a Public background in the training of working dogs, both BOB and DAVE then worked for GROUP 4 in its P.P.P. Prison sphere. This still gave them a backdrop for meeting the high competency standards required by the HOME OFFICE PRISON ORDER 1050. This states that all Prison Dogs & Handlers, whatever their respective role, are licensed annually after meeting a strict assessment criteria and this is overseen by an Independent Home Office Assessor.

Group 4 H.M.P. ALTCOURSE became an accredited training provider, supplying the needs of both the Public and Private Sector. The company then became GROUP 4 FALCK and recently formed a separate company GLOBAL SOLUTIONS U.K. Limited who look after the Public Private Partnerships. This company is now a stand alone company with vast government contracts.

SPECIALIST DOG SERVICES Limited was formed out of GLOBAL SOLUTIONS U.K. Limited and is their consultancy provider in the supply of Training for Working Dogs.

SPECIALIST DOG SERVICES Limited is also in partnership in the Public Sector with numerous U.K. POLICE FORCES, HOME OFFICE PRISON SERVICE, The N.H.S. and many LOCAL AUTHORITIES for the training and supply of suitably competent Dogs and Handlers. They are also in partnership, helping to maintain and improve Standards in the Private Security Dog Industry. With this in mind they sit on the consultative committee of the SECURITY INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, together with the National Association for Security Dog Users, and the National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users, bringing standardisation procedures to this sector.

SPECIALIST DOG SERVICES Limited is a Training Establishment for both N.A.S.D.U. and the N.T.I.P.D.U. Both BOB and PAUL, being accredited trainers.

In 2008, Paul Cooke joined our team. Paul’s background is from the Police Service. He is a qualified trainer in General Patrol, Drugs and Explosives Detection within the Police Sector. Now an accredited trainer for both NASDU and NTIPDU and a qualified teacher from Halton College

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