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To impart the basic skills required of a dog and handler to enable them to become an effective licensed team of detect the illegal use of explosives in the operational environment.  


This course is designed primarily for the experienced handler with a trained or novice dog to enable them to specialise in explosive search.  Notwithstanding, a student with no previous experience will be considered.      

Learning Areas     

To ensure that the handler:-

 Is capable of working efficiently in dangerous and stressful conditions and possesses common sense, confidence, patience and determination

 Is physically fit

To ensure that the dog has:-

 The physical condition and health to undertake this task

 An above average ability to search and willingness to work with a good temperament

 The capability to work in all types of conditions and environments with an ability to concentrate

 The stamina to work for long periods without tiring

To train the handler to practice:

 The correct method of working their explosive search dog during a search

 The safe handling of explosives

 The application of theoretical knowledge in relation to types of explosives, devices, safety on discovery and equipment

       Stress awareness and management  

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