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All initial courses are complimented by development courses and continuation training to set standards governed by which ever association one belongs to.

ALL DOGS ARE TRAINED TO HOME OFFICE STANDARDS for H.M.PRISON SERVICE and to N.A.S.D.U. and N.T.I.P.D.U. standards for all the Private Sector


Course designed to consolidate the basic skills required of a handler and dog, providing the customer with an effective operational team capable of immediate deployment  


To train a handler and dog team up to the minimum standards laid down by their respective association

Learning Areas     

 Handler and Dog Skills taught in the following areas

 Person Searching - the location and indication of hidden persons within a venue where

     working (whether a building, vehicle or yard)

 Manwork - (all exercised completed on lead) safety on entry and exit from buildings, and vehicles. 

     To perform test of courage (Stick and Gun)

 Obedience Exercises -



 Distance Control

 Agility Long Down

                Speak on Command


The successful candidate will be capable of planning and delivering an impactive input on any chosen subject in an atmosphere conductive to effective learning.   


The aim of the course is to give insight into all aspects of the role of course tutor / facilitator      

Learning Areas     

The student will be able to:-

 Identify the core skills required for a course tutor

 Understand how groups develop and how they themselves can impact on the learning environment

 Identify and understand the different philosophies of learning

 Design and research a lesson for presentation

 Prepare a variety of visual and learning aids to facilitate student learning

 Present a lesson to a group of people in an impact and dynamic manner

      Debrief students in a number of environments, maximising the learning experience.  

General purpose security dog (Initial course)

General purpose security dog (refresher)

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